Routier EURO 6 – state of the art tractor units


We acquired VOLVO made, EURO 6 tractor units EURO 6 to extend the fleet, as well as to replace the older trucks. This way Routier European Transport fleet has reaches approximately 25 own tractor units. The election of the made is owed to the satisfactory experience with a EURO 5 eev, we previously had in the fleet. Compared to the first half of last year, when the fleet consisted of 60 utility vehicles, this increased by approximately 25% in less than 12 months.

Once with the acquisition of the tractor units, RET intends to hire new drivers. Presently, RET Romania has over 60 employees. “Besides the financial investment it is very important to us the development of human resources. We have in Romania very well trained employees, for extremely difficult and specific logistic tasks. Some of them had been trained in Italy, Germany, or England, to be able to excel in any RET branch in Europe.