Routier European Transport will soon introduce into service double deck 2WIN trailers


The 2WIN double deck trailers offer with up to 100% morel loading space. Another decisive factor in the acquisition was the fact that 1 2WIN trailer replaces 2 standard trailers, generating a reduction of the CO2 emission of up to  50%.

“We address a market whose dynamics haS changed profoundly in the last 2 years, the volumes of merchandise transported on various routes are more reduced, but the frequency of deliveries is required to remain constant – there are contracts with specific day and hour delivery,  regardless of the volume of delivered merchandise. By acquiring these trailers we provide our clients a modern technical solution,  reducing the loading and handling time of the merchandise, by means of using practically one truck instead of two, where applicable, we simplify the transport and monitoring formalities for the merchandise, throughout the transportation” Rareş Retegan, CEO, RET.

Technical specifications:

  • 2 solid floors, fixed
  • Internal height 2 x 150 cm
  • Maximum loading capacity / 24 metric tones
  • Safe and protectable  / TAPA TSR