About us






Routier European Transport, a company entirely privately owned, is present on the road transport and logistics market in Romania and Europe since the year 2002. We started initially as general merchandise transporter with complete trucks and developed throughout the time a series of services and logistics solutions, as answer to the demands of our clients and requirements of needs of the regional market.

The capacity of transporter in relation to our business partners positions us as an absolutely necessary intermediary in the logistic chain. This meaning either supply with raw materials or distribution of finite products, for a profitable cyclicity, we, as transporters are a very important link and we contribute crucially in the success of our clients’ business.

Our own fleet presently consists of 120 trucks with tarpaulin, completed by the subcontracted fleet, generally for periods of minimum 1 year, to serve our clients’ needs. The entire fleet that we operate is equipped with GPS equipment, ensuring the traceability of the merchandise all the way.

Our own storage, located in the locality of Gilau, Cluj County, at the entrance on Highway A3, it has a surface of 5000 square meters, for storage, 1300 locations for pallets, 700 mp cross-docking space, 5 hydraulic platforms, 1 platform for lateral loading, 12 meters of slab to slab height. The logistic terminal provides also 100 parching lots for trucks and 100 parching lots for tractor units, it is permanently under video surveillance, inside as well as outside, and it is equipped with the most efficient merchandise handling equipment.

Routier European Transport developed continually vertically as well as horizontally, in spite of the unfavorable economical circumstances the economy facing. We continued to provide quality services and versatile solutions for our clients, according to the principle „a satisfied need creates other needs”. Thus, in partnership with our clients and adding value to the services we provide, investing in people, we succeeded to continuously progress, to diversify the service portfolio and the segments of the market covered.

The operational and development offices we created until now, serve various segments of the business, as the case may be:

  • Cluj Napoca – head office, offices, main warehouse – new location at the entrance of Highway  A3 Cluj-Turda, in Gilau.
  • Bucharest –cross-docking warehouse, offices
  • Oradea –regional cross docking centre for domestic and international traffic
  • Rubiera – office, warehouse – operational head office- Italy development (Modena area)
  • Budapest – office – regional development, operational support
  • Duisburg –cross- docking, warehouse

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified since March 2013, DUNS no: 683061316. The fleet is insured by ASKO Assekuranzmakler Gmbh

For any inquiry or additional information, feel free to contact us at any of our contact telephone numbers or send us an email, and we will answer you as soon as possible.